What's next?

Your essential oils have arrived and you’re wondering, what’s next?  What do I do now?

The magic is, there are so many uses for essential oils - they are multi purpose beyond words and the best way to get started is to get experimenting.


Start here

There are many resources to learn about the different uses of essential oils, including books, apps, online forums, others’ experiences, and guides. Each oil can support multiple health objectives, so we encourage you to just get them in you, on you or around you!

We also highly recommend both the 'Modern Essentials Book' or Phone App (handy if you're not keen on the idea of carrying a book with you everywhere you go) as it is perfect for anyone wanting to learn about essential oils and their everyday uses. It is the definitive guide, whether you are a new or an experienced essential oils user. It has a simple, easy-to-use format and is the most accessible way to quickly find the information you need: which essential oils to use for hundreds of health conditions and how to safely and effectively apply them.  Another AMAZING book is 'Emotions + Essentials Oils'.  This book will be magic in the hands of anyone who is excited to learn more about the emotional support role that essential oils can play in your everyday life.  Each single oil and blend is covered and is written about in an easy to digest format.  Be prepared to be amazed by how incredibly in tune your body can be, leading you intuitively to oils that can help support you though different situations in your life.  

If you don’t have any immediate issues that you are looking to work with, here are a few examples of some areas in which you can get started with some simple wellness upgrades today.  

  • Emotional Support
  • Womens Health + Hormones
  • Stress + Anxiety
  • Personal Care / Skin Care
  • DIY cleaning products
  • Low Tox Living
  • Self Care Rituals
  • Family Health
  • Adaptogen Elixirs
  • Cooking with Essential Oils 

If you do have something specific you would like to work with your essential oils on, for example anxiety, cleansing + detoxing or achieving a chemical free household to name a few here are some ways to go about this - 


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This is a community that thrives on sharing and supporting.  We're all like minded and isn't it wonderful to be surrounded by others who are also interested in seeking an alternative?  In understanding that when it comes to our health, we can educate ourselves and understand that we do have options.  When something works for you and you love it, SHARE IT.  Whether it be on social media, in our closed groups or simply word of mouth.  You will find that others take inspiration from your learnings just as you will from theirs.


If you have between 4 - 7 friends, family or acquaintances who are interested in learning more about essential oils and you would love to host your own essential oils workshop, we make it really simple.  You bring the gorgeous people, we bring everything else. We can discuss what style of workshop you'd like us to tailor for you and what areas of focus you prefer, whether that be overall health and wellbeing, mums and bubs, food and alchemy to name a few.  Contact us here for more details or to explore more about the styles of workshops we run, head here.


Further Resources

doTerra official website (for all things doTerra and an overview of the company if you'd like to learn more)
Doterraeveryday.com.au (a site that hosts trainings, event listings and news)
doTerra official product tips blog (for recipes, promotions and DIY tips)
Pub Med (for science related information)
au.aromatools.com (for books like modern essentials, emotions & essential oils, labels and DIY containers)
Pack My Product (for any DIY needs such as roller bottles, spray bottles, sample bottles etc)
*Pinterest also has thousands of recipe ideas if you are looking for extra inspiration


Recipes + Cooking with doTerra Essential Oils

Cooking with oils is a super fun way to experiment and utilise the different flavour that can be achieved without the need for artificial or synthetic food flavourings.  Remember to share any recipe wins with our community.  Shared below are a few of our favourite recipes to date.  Follow these simple guidelines and have fun!

Essential oils are more concentrated then the original source (herb, spice, fruit etc.). Use smaller quantities. There is no hard and fast rule however a handy guideline is that one drop will replace a teaspoon. No more than two drops will ever be needed in any full recipe.  Although once you have had a play around, you may like to add a few more to suit your tastes.

It’s highly recommended to add the essential oil into a liquid before adding to the cooking process. This helps to ensure the oil and the flavours are dispersed evenly throughout the whole dish.  For example adding a drop of essential oil to half a teaspoon of water or honey for sweet recipes or to half a teaspoon of oil or coconut oil for savoury recipes is recommended before stirring through.

When cooking hot foods, wait until the end of the process before adding the essential oil.  For example, stovetop cooking, stir the essential oil into the dish after the cooking process has finished. With baking, we prefer to use the oils in either the icings, fillings, raw desserts or cold/freezer set recipes to ensure the vibrancy of the oil flavour is maintained.

Favourite Recipes

Guacamole Magic


We encourage you to do your own research and as mentioned above we highly recommend both the 'Modern Essentials Book' or Phone App AND the invaluable 'Emotions + Essentials Oils' book as incredible resources to have on hand and guide you.  You can of course, always ask for ideas within our closed Facebook groups (you will be invited to join if you have joined under the AWCo. team.  If you have bought oils through us and not yet received an invitation to be added email us here.