Top 4 Essential Oils every mother MUST have / by Elaine So

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Whether you are a full blown alternative health nerd or you are simply curious, as a mother, these are the Top 4 doTerra Essential Oils we feel would best serve an array of common issues that pop up in the everyday lives of a family with children.  Below are just a few (there are so many more but we won't overwhelm you straight up) of the simple ways in which this magical Top 4 could make your life so much simpler and introduce the highest quality, plant based + chemical free alternatives into your household.

Easy Air / Breathe (depending where you live)

+ As the name suggests, may aide with relief of a blocked nose, any sinus or breathing issues.


+ Can be used for burns, sleep issues, calmingrelaxation, to relieve cuts/bites/scratches and earache complaints.

On Guard

+ Can be used for colds, flu, viruses, teething.  We definitely recommend using as a preventative measure when sickness is going around amongst other children or family members. 


+ Can be used to help relieve fevers.

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* We always recommend starting with roll ons as they are pre-diluted which means they are best to use when first starting to use essential oils on your children.