Why it's time for an Alternative / by Elaine So

I have been interested in and practiced alternative health for 10+ years and my world changed significantly back in 2015/16 when I became a Mother.  My enquiry was heightened as I navigated the choices in front of me regarding my childs health and the home environment we were bringing her up in.  Alternative health no longer felt like a personal journey that I could play around with and I wanted to ensure, as any parent does that we are making the best decisions for our family when it comes to our health.    

Being a part of Pana Chocolate (which is 100% Organic) and then founding ACE cookies, also Organic, it meant that I had a background understanding of why we were choosing chemical free and feel lucky enough to be able to always choose Organic within our home. It didn't happen overnight for us but it did happen.  And it is still happening.

It was and still is an ongoing journey of enquiry, sharing, discussing with friends and experimenting. Mine has gone a little like this -

Wholefoods, alternative health practices (essential oil use, kinesiology, chinese medicine, reiki, meditation amongst many others), chemical free body products, reduction in household chemicals are likely areas to explore that spring to mind followed by the not so obvious

Funnily enough something that had been completely escaping my mind for years ... my make up.  I had realised that my baby Willow's skin was touching my face a lot but the penny only dropped for me when she started to lick my face.  At which point, I totally panicked and had to find an alternative, immediately.  Cue the incredible Emmily Banks from Depths of Beauty and Sarah Di Orio's incredible Organika salon (check them both out and you will discover heart centred women, contributing to the most inspiring positive change).  Both introduced to me by my gorgeous friend Natalie Warner from Greene St Juice.

And now seems like the perfect time to share, an Alternative Way with others who are looking for something more and something different.  

*It's an important note and reminder to myself that regardless of what we think, feel or decide for our family, all parents are doing what they believe is best for their child.  We are all trying our best.