Intuition, you've got it, now how can you use it? / by Elaine So

What a month it’s been so far.  I know I’m not the only one who’s feeling it.  

Each month brings on new challenges, opportunities for growth and changing direction, and I can't help but feel the pull to follow my intuition with two dominant insights from my inner guidance; "It’s ok to simply ‘change your mind", and, "Am I allowing my guidance to lead me?  The very same guidance I use in my readings.  Am I using it for myself?". It's this guidance which has me questioning if I'm simply changing my mind and listening to my ego or listening to my intuition and souls purpose. 

Photography, Marie Luise-Skibbe

Photography, Marie Luise-Skibbe

More than ever I'm called to share the direction I’m being led in.  I’m not attached to the outcome, but I know that I am being led in this direction by my soul while my ‘logic brain’ (as I tend to call it) has been shoved out of the way and had its mouth taped shut, and honestly, that feels really, really good.  I’m obsessed with doTerra essential oils for endless reasons but their power goes above and beyond the physical and ‘practical or tangible’ uses. Their spiritual and emotional properties are what really call my name like nothing before, and it's for this reason I am narrowing my focus.

While I love teaching about the practical day to day uses of the oils, it’s nothing that you can’t find yourself from other resources. I want to add value to your lives and equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to utilise these potent, pure essential oils to heighten your intuition and go precisely where you are guided. I want to teach you how to go inwards when you want to go outwards; to allow you the space to practice talking to your higher self and asking your logic brain politely to step aside.

Then, like a muscle getting stronger and stronger with practice, and over time, it becomes routine.  That sweet, sweet routine of closing your eyes, going inwards and channelling the answers you are looking for by yourself.  Everything you need to know is already within you, I know you know this.  Break free of the conditioning that all our answers are lying outside of ourselves and trust yourself.

Right here, right now.  How do you feel about empowering yourself to channel intuitively?

‘How does life get any better than this’? - Peta Kelly