Adaptogenic Elixirs + Essential Oils.

Adaptogens are enjoying the spotlight at the moment and rightly so. They are nature's stress and fatigue fighters! Adaptogens share with us their powerful properties to help the body adapt to stress and change. They assist with maintaining optimal energy, boost immunity, support our adrenal glands and help regulate stress hormone levels. 

When thinking about adaptogens, most people are surprised to learn that essential oils are adaptogens too! These potent plant medicines are incredibly effective at supporting us to adapt to environmental stress in the modern world and provide epic benefits for the mind, body and emotions.

In this workshop we show you how you can use essential oils to get more energy and vitality, decrease stress and boost immunity. You will also learn how to mix essential oils with other adaptogenic botanicals and herbs so that you feel empowered to start creating your very own adaptogenic elixirs!   

We will cover the WHY you want adaptogens in your plant medicine cabinet and WHY you should be using them to elevate your life. We will also demonstrate how to make 3 of our favourite hot tonics using adaptogenic ingredients.

There will be time for connection and sharing and Q + A's.

You will get the recipes for the hot tonics we make + adaptogenic samples from Greene Street Juice Co. and AWCo. so that after the workshop, you can unleash your inner alchemist and start using adaptogens to help you thrive.