AWCo. Team

Together, we build community and share our knowledge and continued learnings with like-minded individuals.  We collaborate with like minded users (of oils) who are experts in their respective fields to combine forces and bring you the juiciest workshops on the circuit.  We also have fun challenging the preconceived ideas of what an 'essential oil user' may look like, some of our delightful friends are below.
Alternative health is inclusive, it's for everyone.

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Elaine So - Founder

I'm lucky, that's who I am.  For so many years now I have been lucky enough to have my mother Rani's and her partner Mark's experience of alternative health practices as my go-to.  Without hesitation, they have been like my alternative health 'hotline'.

From a career in hospitality, opening cafes and creating communities and some of my closest friendships with customers and work colleagues to being part of Pana Chocolate and founding and selling ACE cookies, I've now found myself right here.  

Exactly where I need to be and exactly where I want to be.  

Organic, chemical-free, appreciative, kind and considerate living.  A place where sharing is something we do without attachment to outcomes, support is something we give freely, and genuine connection is something we thrive on.  

Rani So + Mark Sheppard - 

Rani So has had a lifelong commitment to bringing enjoyment and wellness into the lives of those around her. She has trained in Kinesiology, NLP, Reiki and Beauty Therapy, with an authentic approach to the health benefits of these evolving therapies.

Qualified as a Quantum Bio-Feed Back (SCIO) practitioner, Rani brings years of experience and teachings to her clients and community including her specialisation in the Aroma Touch Technique and the many health benefits associated with regular use of pure essential oils.

This commitment to translating the complex and proven benefits of this therapy to individuals and groups alike is what sets Rani apart. It is a dedication to positive connection and linking pathways to wellness with those who may never have experienced them before.

Rani joins experts worldwide on exploring the science, development and application of essential oil therapy, both via clinical and practical application, to bring the benefits to individuals everywhere.

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Emma Rosenhain

This marketing genius also happens to be such a kind hearted, soul centred human.

Camping or Resort Holiday /
Favourite Language / 
First ‘Alternative Health’ practice you tried /
Favourite Essential Oil / 
Lavender AND Frankincense

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Millie Lowndes

What a gorgeous soul Millie is. She will make your heart smile.

Sweet or Savoury /
City or Country /
First 'Alternative Health' practice you tried /
Essential oils in water
Favourite Essential Oil /

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Sam Sissons

My boy, who uses oils.  All the time.

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Coffee or Tea /
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Ashley Alexander

Not only does Ashley make the most ridiculously super yum recipes on her beautiful blog and Instagram Gather and Feast, we also share childhood memories of Buckwheat Bricks that our mothers would serve up to us claiming they had made us a 'treat'!  Pancakes!  Eugh.

Lemon or Lime /
Porridge or Smoothie /
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Nutritional Health
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Lauren Gray

This creative goddess just keeps the inspiration coming all day long.

Ocean or Forest /
Favourite Word /
First ‘Alternative Health’ practice you tried /
Favourite Essential Oil /

Willow Sissons

My little oil loving babe, she has been smothered in essential oils as she was growing in my tummy and ever since then.

Favourite Fruit /
All the berries
Favourite Book /
ABC Nursery Rhymes 
First ‘Alternative Health’ practice you tried /
Yoga with Mum
Favourite Essential Oil /
On Guard


Evie Baker

So gorgeously delightful.

Stripes or Polka Dots /
Gym or Hiking /
First 'Alternative Health' practice you tried /
Favourite Essential Oil /
Passion Blend


Eliza Ansell

This babe is full of fun and it's infectious.

Eggs or Pancakes /
Camping or Glamping /
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Favourite Essential Oil /

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Natalie Warner

This awesome human being is a pure genius, a true alchemist at heart, focused on creating the most divine healing elixirs.

Fruit or Veg / 
AVOCADO (in a league of its own) 
If you could be an animal, what would be /
First 'Alternative Health' practice you tried /
Frequency music meditation
Favourite Essential Oil /
Frankincense - the oil of truth

Imogen Fanning

This lovely lady is such an amazing powerhouse, she can tick off a to do list like no other and is the holder of super human problem solving capabilities.

Salsa or Guac / 
Early Bird or Night Owl /
Early Bird
First 'Alternative Health' practice you tried /
Favourite Essential Oil /
InTune Roll on


Nathan So

A boy who loves basketball almost more than life.  Also loves his mates, his little niece Willow and tattoos.

Sparkling or Still /
Book or Podcast /
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Katrina Dunnett

Your life is always better if you've met this angel.  The best.

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Nutritional Health
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