Wholefoods + Essential Oils

Are you looking for an Alternative to the processed and packaged foods that are all too easy to pick up in the name of convenience?  In these workshops, we cover the basics of Essential Oil use and the simple ways in which you can incorporate them into your everyday life to reap the benefits and lead a chemical free life.

In this workshop, we focus on Essential Oil use specifically with food, of course if you are interested in reducing your chemical and toxin exposure in other areas of your life, we have workshops to cover this and we are always happy to answer your questions and offer support.  It can be as simple as - swap this, for that.

As we run these workshops seasonally, they will change with the seasons to ensure we are able to exclusively use Organic produce during our demonstrations.

In this 3 hour workshop, we will share, make, snap, taste and talk.

we will share with you all the basics of mixing and matching flavours for your best smoothie/bowl efforts
we will cover sourcing of ingredients
we will cover garnishing and styling
we will cover sourcing of, ceramics etc.

we will make 3 base variations for smoothies + smoothie bowls
you will then get the opportunity to use the ingredients we provide to practice the garnishing techniques we have shared with you

we will set up an area that allows you to snap your away and help you with the styling of these.

we will make sure nothing goes to waste, we sit down to enjoy everything we have made

we set aside time for conversation amongst us at the end of our workshop to ensure you can meet some like minded workshop attendees and ask any questions you may have of Elaine + Ashley.



Elaine So

Having a long journey with food and in particular a focus on wholefoods  and chemical + toxin reduction in my life - through my career in hospitality, owning and operating cafes for many years and then on to Pana Chocolate and ACE.  Creating treats that are full of nourishing organic ingredients has led me here.  Nourishing, delicious wholefoods do not need to look boring or kick in your deprivation vibes.  I laugh with Ashley over our Buckwheat Brick childhoods, inspired by Mothers who were thought leaders for their time. They have been an inspiration to lead us exactly where we are now.  

01_Ashley_Alexander copy.jpg

Ashley Alexander

What a superstar gem this lady is.  So kind and so gorgeous but also a whiz in the kitchen.  Her love and passion for wholefoods has seen her gain an incredibly loyal following on her blog and Instagram, Gather and Feast who follow Ashley for her delicious, creative recipes and stunning imagery.