This is for YOU.

So, you have found your way here. Are you looking to learn how you can get more out of your life? Build your confidence, your knowledge and your wellbeing? Basically, feel the best that you can possibly feel? 

At Alternative Way Co. we know that living is about sharing. That’s why we have developed fun-focused pure essential oil workshops, to empower you to be your best. We work with inspiring knowledge-powered individuals and leaders to deliver you a series of private, community, corporate and one-on-one workshops, that we think will inspire you to feel the best you can possibly feel.



+ Community Workshops

Our most popular style of workshop involves sharing, learning and working as a community. These are built by piecing together sharing and knowledge of pure essential oils, with another key area of focus. Check the CALENDAR for details.


+ Private Workshops

These are for you if you have between 4 - 7 friends, family or acquaintances who are all interested in learning more about essential oils. You bring the gorgeous people, we bring everything else. We can discuss what style of workshop you'd like us to tailor for you and what areas of focus you prefer, whether that be overall health and wellbeing, mums and bubs, food and alchemy etc. Contact us for more details.  


+ Corporate Workshops

If you'd like us to run a workshop in your workplace, to either focus on stress and anxiety, office routines, daily health upgrades or anything else, get in touch with us.  We love nothing more than helping you create a high vibing work environment and starting a conversation.  After all, the average Australian spends 90,000 hours of their life at work. So it’s important that your team is connected and engaged. Contact us for more details.


+ One-on-one Workshops

If you're interested in chatting one-on-one and learning about chemical free living, where to start and the space you're in right now, we can tailor a session, just for you. Ensure that all your questions are answered and that you complete our session having a sound knowledge of some great starting steps. Contact us for more details.



+ Interactive learning experiences from inspiring knowledge-powered individuals

+ Share oils

+ Sample oils

+ Play with oils

+ Question

+ Take home workbook



+ We hold our workshops within spaces that align with our beliefs, are propositioned towards positive change, believe in community and the power of humanity.  Our grass roots are in Melbourne, Australia, however we are always open to interstate and international mingling.



+ We choose to share our knowledge in a workshop environment so we can encourage light-hearted learning.  We can share and learn in a supportive, fun and open environment.  We love that we can bring together like minded individuals to create an inclusive community and challenge the social media appearance that 'wellness' looks like this or 'wellness is only for a certain type of person'.  Alternative health is for everyone.  We are here for everyone.  Workshops enable us to meet people we may never have met otherwise and have already proven to foster new amazing friendships and connection.  To discuss and show that there is, an alternative and empower you with knowledge to understand that you can take responsibility for your health and that no one knows you, better than you.  



+ We love to hear feedback from all our workshop participants to ensure we are providing the most relevant and valuable information that we can.  Here's just one review below but for more, head to our review page.

' 5 STARS :: Meeting Elaine and the introduction to Essential Oils and Alternative Way Co has absolutely changed the way I look at the world and what I put on my skin. Her workshops and teachings have introduced me to chemical and synthetic free living, and have given me the ability to become aware of how to manage my stress relief and how I feel each day. Safe to say I am HOOKED and wouldn't have it any other way. There is no going back for me!! ' - Emma Rosenhain


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We are committed to translating the complex and proven benefits of a range of products, and therapies that create pathways to wellness. Forever exploring and sharing the science, development and application of alternative health therapy, both via clinical and practical application; our passion and commitment to wellbeing will only continue to grow.

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We believe each body deserves only high grade quality products and learning experiences to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. We place a lot of care, effort and time into the products and experiences we create, the information we provide and the resulting relationships and community we build.

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A community of like minded individuals who share the same vision to live well, challenge ourselves, have fun and to enjoy the benefits of being a part of something truly unique, something that is personally satisfying to do so that you thrive off the enquiry and learning. Together, we can do more.

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Light-hearted sharing of valuable information, learning
in a supportive, creative and inspiring space. Sharing and
laughing with like minded individuals.

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To inspire individuals to take their health into their own hands and to have fun whilst doing it, take what resonates to be true for them and share with others. To be light-hearted in their approach and to lead the way and become inspiration for their family and friends to seek and find. An alternative.

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Our mission is to see natural, plant and evidence based products being utilised in every house hold. In every lifestyle.
Across the whole world. Our mission is to see every individual, living their best and happiest and most optimum life.